It’s Official

I was sitting at my desk this morning at work, and my boss came in and said, “You ready?” I looked at him, puzzled.  Did I forget about a meeting?  “For what?” I asked.  He answered, “To go to HR.”  

Now this is not as scary as it sounds.  Actually, I have been waiting for this moment for a few months now.  The moment when I officially give notice at my job. That kind of sounds bad too. Really, I love my job.  It has been great for me in so many ways, but I am ready to move on. Call me crazy but I am looking forward to just focusing on one thing (law school), instead of the million things I seem to be doing all at once.  Anyway, we headed up to HR and my notice became official.  There’s no turning back now. 

Before law school, however, is my backpacking trip around Europe! I leave April 20th and return June 29th.  And I’m pretty much going it alone. I plan to meet up with my mom in either Holland or Italy (maybe both), and then my boyfriend, Brian, will likely meet me in Germany sometime in June.  But so far when someone asks me my plan, I just shrug my shoulders and mumble something to the effect of, I’m not really sure yet.

So, my plan this President’s Day weekend is to work on the planning for my trip.  I bought my ticket a few weeks ago when I saw a good deal on Virgin Atlantic and that’s been pretty much the extent of it. Since I am flying in and out of London, I plan to spend my first days there and also visit some realitives that live in other parts of England. Then, on April 27th I’ll head over to Holland where I also have some family.  I adore Holland and they are celebrating Queen’s Day on the 29th.  As my cousin told me, they turn Amsterdam orange and it’s one big party!  The timing also works as I will be out of London just in time to miss the Royal Wedding (I just don’t want to be in that mess).  

Now for your help! Below, is my initial list of countries to visit.  This list is fluid. I don’t want a set itinerary but do want to have an outline.  I welcome any input, and suggestions about things to see, do, places to stay (preferably cheap, but clean), etc.  Thank you!

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Holland 
  • Portugal
  • Croatia
  • Denmark

4 responses to “It’s Official

  1. Ok so you know my response to this, its Craotia!!! and not just Craotia but either dubrovnik where you can walk the wall, I can explain later… or and island of Hvar which means you fly into Split!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I LOVe LOVE LOVE Croatia

  2. oh and ots cheap and clean!!!

  3. France – We loved Paris – Place de Clichy was central to the metro and the Moulin Rouge! Plus – train to Caen, rent a car and explore Normandy. Cool.

    Germany – Can send you the name of a friend in Duesseldorf.

    Austria – Can send you the name of a friend who has a guest haus on top of a mountain south of Vienna.

    The train – any train station in Europe has a visitor center that can hook up up (book) your accommodations based on what you want to spend.

    So excited for your travels! Fun!!

    • Would love to get the names of your friends in Germany and Austria! Thanks for the other tips as well – hope you guys are well! I’ll definitely be posting on my travels…can’t wait!

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