Beat the Sunday Blues

I know it’s not Sunday, but it might as well be in terms of the long weekend. The Sunday Blues is something I know a lot of people, including myself, experience sometimes. You know, the dread on Sunday evening of the weekend being over, and having to go back to work, school, or any sort of obligation you have during the week. Anyone is susceptible to it, and some Sundays can be worse that others. So, in an effort to combat the blues here’s my first Beat the Sunday Blues post.

Warm Brownies and Ice Cream

There’s nothing like the smell of brownies baking and the anticipation of eating gooey chocolate goodness, with ice cream melting on top to make you feel better about Monday (or in this case Tuesday) morning.  My favorite brownie in a box mix is this one:

And the final result!

Yuuuuummmmmmm.  🙂


3 responses to “Beat the Sunday Blues

  1. Yes, the Sunday Blues!! Pretty much the saddest of all hours of the week. Which is direct dichotomy with the most magical hour of the week, FRIDAY EVENING WHEN YOU LEAVE WORK. Which heretofore, should always be referred to as the “Golden Hour”.

  2. If you’re going to eat ice cream, why deal with fat free brownie mix? You know it just has more sugar and that will turn to fat anyway.

    • I know, it’s like ordering a non-fat latte with whipped cream! But actually that was SoyCream – which I forgot to mention- and I more like those brownies for the way they taste, than the fact that they are fat free. That’s just a bonus. 🙂

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