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Opening Day!

I am a Giants fan…I know surprising, right.¬† ūüôā¬† And just so you know, I was a fan before they made it to the World Series and WON…ta-da!¬†I was the fan sitting in the bleachers cheering for Dave Roberts and Fred Lewis (my underdogs when they were on the team), when the rest of the fans had went home.¬† Creepy, but real.

Therefore, it is only appropriate that I send them (The Giants)¬†my love today as they go on to beat the Dodgers this evening.¬† ‘Cause that’s what’s going to happen here in a few hours.¬† Even without my mama there throwing peanuts at Dodgers fans (yes, that is real too).

Now for my favorite player – and it’s hard to have a favorite because there are so many to choose from – but who doesn’t love to
“fear the beard”?

I mean Brian Wilson’s cool, but maybe one day¬†he can be as cool as this…maybe…



Crafty Wowza!

I’m having one of those weeks where I don’t have much to say, really.¬† Maybe it’s because I didn’t feel good at the beginning of the week.¬† And maybe¬†now it’s because I am just so happy that it’s sunny and warm, that I can’t think of much else.¬†I’ve been riding my bike to work again,¬†and that too¬†just makes my mind go blank!

Anyway, having a quiet mind is a good time to¬†check out other peoples awesomeness…¬†

Someone MADE this out of a plain ol’¬†lamp and coke bottles.¬† Check it out here!¬† Now the question is…could I really replicate this at home? Maybe a project for when I get back from Europe?? Who wants to help?

Weekend Fun

I am finally recovered from a stomach bug I picked up over the weekend. Not fun! But it’s given me time to look back over some of the pictures I took of my weekend when I was having a good time!

{Hello, snow!  View from our back door}

{Brian encouraging Timber to try to find a way out ūüėČ }

{The barbecue is under there…somewhere…}

{Buried Signs: Sugar Bowl trail map at top of Mt. Disney}

{Brian: top of Mt. Disney, Sugar Bowl, it was totally dumping, hence my glove covering the phone…errr, camera}

{Buried Signs: On the 06 trails by our house}


{Brian took this picture of Hazelnut, it never fails to make me laugh}

{Incline Bowl}

{Our friend Justin.  Nice form, but is that foot over the line?!}

{Brian intent on the score}

{The boys discussing their balls (haha)}

{I’ve gone pro}

All pics taken with my new Thunderbolt.

Monday’s Inner Peace

Not a lot of explanation needed today. Enjoy!

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Beat the Sunday Blues

I’m not sure if it’s because I am leaving on my trip pretty soon, or because I got a rad new phone…or even because it’s spring (I tend to get in a hermit mood during the winter), but I am all about reconnecting and hanging with friends right now. It’s not that I wasn’t talking to them before, but you know how you make plans to hangout or call someone and it doesn’t happen for whatever reason…well this Sunday I’m going to take the advice of Blondie, and make a few calls and catch up with some good friends. That way I can start the week with one less thing on my To Do list (if I had one ūüôā )

Phone v. Tablet


This is a test to see if I can really blog from a phone.

I chose to get the new Thunderbolt HTC phone from Verizon instead of the Xoom or iPad. At the end of the day (or trip that is) a awesome smartphone will be more beneficial to me than a tablet. Not to mention I needed a new phone anyway and I was eligible for an upgrade, so the cash savings of this decision was also a plus.

So now I just need to make sure I can do what I need to from it. I have 14 days to figure it out.

Read Break

I need to get this out there –¬†if it wasn’t clear¬†before –¬†I’m a registered Democrat and I call myself a Progressive.¬†I¬†like to say I’m not necessarily for “big government” but good¬†government.¬†I do support a capitalist economy – however I don’t believe¬†that social welfare (ie: health care, education)¬†should be included in this category.¬†I like having¬†options and healthy competition¬†is good. I just don’t¬†believe the private sector can take care of all the needs of this country and its citizens, namely because in capitalism you are really only looking out for your own interests.¬†

Why am I going into all of this?¬† Because while I’m not trying to make this a political blog, every now and then I’m going post something political. I was thinking about it yesterday because it was the one year anniversary of the¬†health care reform act.¬† And today I came across something that I want to share.¬†I’d encourage everyone, regardless of your political affiliation, to read this.

At this point, it probably goes without saying that I was in favor of health care reform. I wanted it to be more extreme than it was – keep the private options if you want them, but I¬†hoped to see a single payer system available to all (similar to Medicare). I also really do not understand why someone would be against it.¬†I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about it.¬†And if you don’t support health care reform I’d be interested to hear why?¬†Seriously, I’m trying to figure this out.