Back(pack) on Track

I need to get focused!

It’s the beginning of March. That means my trip to Europe is about a month and a half away. While I have a list of places that I must/want to go and some awesome recommendations, I have not started acquiring the gear that I need for over two months of travel. First on my list of upcoming purchases is a backpack. I’ve put together the following collage of ideas. They vary because as I get further into my research I keep thinking smaller, with wheels, and lots of compartments. And besides my main pack, I also need a day trip bag – but I’m not there yet. So take a look at the ones I’m looking at for my main pack below. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!


1. Osprey Packs Women’s Ariel 75 Backpack, $278.95
2. Osprey Packs Women’s Xenon 70 Backpack, $314,09
3. Osprey Packs Women’s Aura 65 Backpack, $215.09
4. Timbuk2 Checkpoint Rolling Luggage, $275.00 (Not a backpack)
5. Eagle Creek Deviate Twist 65L, $280.00
6. Osprey Travel Sojourn 25″ Wheeled Convertible Pack, $233.10
7. Timbuk2 Copilot Roller, $225.00 (Not a backpack)
8. Tumi Alpha Bravo Lemoore Wheeled Backpack, $445.00
9. Zebra Crossing Club Lambchop Wheeled Backpack, $49.99 (Who doesn’t want to take this adorable backpack with them anywhere?!)

To be honest, while the Lambshop bag is tempting, the rolling Osprey is top on my list…and I love the Timbuk2 bags, but unfortunately they are not backpacks! Does it have to be!? I’m pretty convinced it does.


2 responses to “Back(pack) on Track

  1. I don’t think #9 could handle the cobblestone streets of Europe very well haha. Go with your heart, and what REI recommends…

  2. What a choice to make! The Osprey’s get great reviews. I do like the Timbuk2s also. If you buy one and don’t like it, you could always let me borrow it for my trip. 🙂 Notevolmente lo apprezzerebbe

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