Word of the Day

I was talking the other day with my friend & coworker Max about our respective summer plans.
Max: I think I’m going to do some solo weekend trips with just me and Griff (his adorable pup) this summer. We’re going to go glamping.
Me: You’re going to go what?
Max: Glamping
Me: Wtf is glamping??

This is glamping:
Pics courtesy The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

Now, this is not my type of camping.  I am not endorsing this kind of recreation. Come on, I like digging my own hole in the ground to squat over.  Pitching my own tent. Heating up my hot dog over a fire I built with wood I collected. Bed, schmed – when I’m in nature.  But if you think this may be your cup-of-tea, check out this site: GoGlamping.net. I’m not judging…just let me know when, where and what glampsite you’re gonna be at.



One response to “Word of the Day

  1. Not my idea of camping either. I believe in my own bathroom & room service! Otherwise the scenery is terrific, but I have that at home.

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