Castro Theater: Sing Along Pictorial

Ah, the Castro Theater. My newfound love in San Francisco. I can’t believe I lived in the city for 4 1/2 years before I had a movie experience here. I went this past January for NOIR CITY, SF’s Film Noir Festival. It was awesome!  Not only because of the beautiful, ornate interior, but also because of the balcony seating, the organ player that rises out of the front stage to entertain guests before the show, and the enthusiasm of the audience. Costumes, ooohs and awes, laughing, boo’s…at all the appropriate parts  of the movie. That was my initial experience, and if you’ve been here you know what I’m talking about.

This week was the Little Mermaid Sing Along. Since I was unable to go, I asked my friend Max and his girlfriend Amanda to document their experience when they went this past Monday. Check it out!

{Rising organ – minus the organist}

{Sing-a-long hosts}

{The lovely Amanda with her crown and dinglehopper from the goodie bag}

{Overexposed glowsticked audience}

And the video:

Thanks Max and Amanda!!

Next up…The Wizard of Oz Sing Along coming up at the end of this month. I’m not gonna miss it!


One response to “Castro Theater: Sing Along Pictorial

  1. Who are you going to dress up as for the Wizard of Oz Sing-A-Long? They gave a Tron t-shirt to the winner, so its a pretty big deal. I think I could really pull of the Lion…I’m thinking Scarecrow for you…

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