Specific update

Watching the dog and deer video is great.  But I have another way to spend a Sunday evening that I have found is even better.  Not new necessarily, but really, really awesome. Follow these steps:

1. Find a fantastic bottle of wine. I bought one at Whole Foods for $1.99.  That’s right.  Whole Foods, freakin $1.99.  It’s their Chuck the Chuck promo.  Anyway, I’m not ashamed to say that bottle is almost gone now. 🙂

2. If you haven’t already, purchase Florence & The Machine’s album, Lungs. Do it! You won’t be disappointed.

(I’m always late to buy albums because, honestly, I don’t want to spend money on it.  Even though I really appreciate music and artists. Also, I usually do not buy whole albums because I never like all the songs, but I cannot regret ever buying this album. I love every single song. I am on my third time listening to it all the way through. )

3. Pour a glass of wine.

4. Put on the album, medium to loud volume.

5. Lay on the couch and listen.

6. Get up and dance.

7. Take pictures of yourself.  These are inspired by the song, “Girl With One Eye”.

7. Contemplate how wonderful your life is.

You’ve now completed all the steps. Congratulations, you’ve had a fantastic time!  🙂


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