Word of the Day

I’m contemplating getting a tablet (either the Xoom or iPad) for my upcoming Euro trip, so I’m more tuned into the tech world than I normally am. Along with looking at specs and reviews, I’ve also come across a ton of neato accessories.  For instance:

I’m also throwing around the idea of getting an iPhone (I currently have the Blackberry Storm2) when I have my 2 year upgrade with Verizon in July, although I have not heard good things about its international capabilities. Needless to say, anything to do with the iPad or iPhone (Apple products in general) always catches my eye, duh. This brings me to today’s word of the day, inspired by an article I read in the London Evening Standard.


“Phobiles”, as these half-mobiles/half-phones are known, are colourful handsets that look a lot like the earpiece from an old rotary dial phone – yet plug straight into your iPhone (or your Android).  – The London Evening Standard

 This Phobile is available here. You can also use it with the iPad, Blackberry and other mobile phones.

The website Pointlessbutcool.com says:

Why is it pointless?

It isn’t the most practical thing to pop into your shirt pocket and is likely to get you odd looks whenever you use it.

Why is it cool?

Whole generations are growing up without knowing the satisfaction of slamming down the phone on a rude salesman. The phobile lets you relive that old-school feeling without having to sweep up the remains of your new smart phone.

I don’t think this is something I would carry around in my purse, but I do think it could be cool for using at home every now and then…possibly.  What do you think?

The Phoblie: Cool or So Over?



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