St. Patty’s Day Fashion

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I usually find that the biggest decision I have on St. Patty’s Day is not what to drink (Guinness) or who to drink with (everyone), but what to wear (something green). I have only a few green items in my wardrobe.  Therefore, I think a lot about what I am going to wear, even if I end up really wearing nothing special. Here’s a little inspiration:

I really wish I had an awesome skirt like this to put under a sequined dress! (image)

Fun for night, but can I get away with this at my day job? (image)

Nice complimentary color scheme this cool dude has going. Snazzy. (image)

What happened to Hugh!? (image)

Is this what teletubbies look like when they get old? (image)

Yes, please! (image)

This guy is Castro bound. (image)

But really this is how I normally roll…

Double fisting and gettin’ low. Yes, we’re dancing… 🙂


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