Beat the Sunday Blues: Snowed-In Edition

{Current view out the living room window}

One thing is for sure, we’re not going anywhere for a while. As my friend Heather said this morning, ‘It’s gnarly out there!’

We left San Francisco, bound for Truckee, at 5pm on Friday and made good time to Sacramento by about 7pm. As we were approaching the city limits we got a call that I-80 was closed – had been since about 2pm – due to a 45 car pile-up that involved a jack-knifed semi with one fatality.  So we quickly switched gears and decided to go the long way to Truckee, up Hwy 50 and around Lake Tahoe. While it was faster – since I-80 didn’t open until very early the next morning – we still did not get to the house until about 1am.

{Slow moving traffic on Hwy 50 Friday night}

Why didn’t we turn around, you ask?  Good question. I work at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort selling tickets a couple of times a month. I do this basically so I can snowboard “for free”. Since I work so infrequently I would feel really bad calling in stuck. So even in the treacherous snow conditions I made it to work Saturday morning by 8am.

{View out the ticket window early Saturday morning}

Now it’s Sunday, and we were planning on heading home earlier this afternoon. Actually, I was planning on going back up to Sugar Bowl this morning to get some snowboarding in before we left. However, I was strongly encouraged not to by my friend Heather at the mountain, and then found out I couldn’t even if I wanted to since I-80 was closed again. So we got busy working on our driveway. Luckily, our house is right across the street from our good friend Edy’s house and she lets us borrow her snow blower until we save up to buy one for ourselves. In exchange we help her out with her driveway as well. It was quite a job this morning since we got about 2-3 feet overnight. We were out working for a couple hours.

{Good morning, driveway!}

{Brian, blowing an initial path out of Edy’s driveway

{The front of our house}

{Brian working on our driveway}

{Roomate Amber, Brian and Timber hard at work}

All this snow and hard work brings me to my Beat the Sunday Blues recommendation:

The Snuggler

Peppermint Schnapps + Hot Chocolate = Sunday Bliss.  Especially with a winter storm going strong outside, and the chances of going anywhere being slim to none, this drink hits the spot. Curl up on the couch with a good movie or book and keep your fingers crossed for the road to open…or not. 🙂 If any of my co-workers are out there reading…I might be late to work tomorrow!



2 responses to “Beat the Sunday Blues: Snowed-In Edition

  1. You missed the party at Marshal’s in Auburn. They even ran out of wine

  2. I’m waiting for the update! Did you make it back to the city today!?

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