Read Break

I need to get this out there – if it wasn’t clear before – I’m a registered Democrat and I call myself a Progressive. I like to say I’m not necessarily for “big government” but good government. I do support a capitalist economy – however I don’t believe that social welfare (ie: health care, education) should be included in this category. I like having options and healthy competition is good. I just don’t believe the private sector can take care of all the needs of this country and its citizens, namely because in capitalism you are really only looking out for your own interests. 

Why am I going into all of this?  Because while I’m not trying to make this a political blog, every now and then I’m going post something political. I was thinking about it yesterday because it was the one year anniversary of the health care reform act.  And today I came across something that I want to share. I’d encourage everyone, regardless of your political affiliation, to read this.

At this point, it probably goes without saying that I was in favor of health care reform. I wanted it to be more extreme than it was – keep the private options if you want them, but I hoped to see a single payer system available to all (similar to Medicare). I also really do not understand why someone would be against it. I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about it. And if you don’t support health care reform I’d be interested to hear why? Seriously, I’m trying to figure this out.



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