Weekend Fun

I am finally recovered from a stomach bug I picked up over the weekend. Not fun! But it’s given me time to look back over some of the pictures I took of my weekend when I was having a good time!

{Hello, snow!  View from our back door}

{Brian encouraging Timber to try to find a way out 😉 }

{The barbecue is under there…somewhere…}

{Buried Signs: Sugar Bowl trail map at top of Mt. Disney}

{Brian: top of Mt. Disney, Sugar Bowl, it was totally dumping, hence my glove covering the phone…errr, camera}

{Buried Signs: On the 06 trails by our house}


{Brian took this picture of Hazelnut, it never fails to make me laugh}

{Incline Bowl}

{Our friend Justin.  Nice form, but is that foot over the line?!}

{Brian intent on the score}

{The boys discussing their balls (haha)}

{I’ve gone pro}

All pics taken with my new Thunderbolt.


2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Elisa – the snowpack is awesome and terrify! I’m praying that we don’t get a lot of warm weather – the last thing we need is another flood in the valley.

    When do you leave for Europe? I’m excited for you – we have a few guidebooks on London, Paris, and Great Britain that you’re welcome to take. They’re a big dated (from 1994, I think) but much of the info is pretty timeless.

  2. Aww, Hazelnut is adorable!

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