Opening Day!

I am a Giants fan…I know surprising, right.  🙂  And just so you know, I was a fan before they made it to the World Series and WON…ta-da! I was the fan sitting in the bleachers cheering for Dave Roberts and Fred Lewis (my underdogs when they were on the team), when the rest of the fans had went home.  Creepy, but real.

Therefore, it is only appropriate that I send them (The Giants) my love today as they go on to beat the Dodgers this evening.  ‘Cause that’s what’s going to happen here in a few hours.  Even without my mama there throwing peanuts at Dodgers fans (yes, that is real too).

Now for my favorite player – and it’s hard to have a favorite because there are so many to choose from – but who doesn’t love to
“fear the beard”?

I mean Brian Wilson’s cool, but maybe one day he can be as cool as this…maybe…



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