Monday’s Inner Peace

Springtime in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark courtesy of this blog.

I’m feeling my usual Monday crazy this morning, sprinkled with extra nutz! I am on the home stretch at work; my replacement (that sounds weird) started today so I am training her; we have an event next week so I’m going into high-energy event mode, and then I have to wrap everything else up.  On a personal level I am trying to visit with everyone before I go, and then still get all my travel plans together, not to mention make sure all my home affairs are in order while I am away.  It feels a little unreal because when I come back I won’t have a job, and will be starting law school. All of this is really awesome, I know. As my friend and co-worker Max says, “You just need to embrace change!”

So that’s why this Monday’s Inner Peace comes from an email my best friend Rosy sent last week.  The subject was What awaits youAnd wa-la!… pictures of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam (which is very close to the hostel I’m staying at)!

Again, all pictures are from Allison Gryski’s blog

It made me happy then, and it still makes me happy today! Spring is a time of change and I do just need to welcome it with arms wide open.


One response to “Monday’s Inner Peace

  1. Please embrace change with open arms and a bottle opener for the Heinekens that must be consumed in order to facilitate that process…

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