Weekend Pics: City vs. Country

As I mentioned before, I had a really fun weekend, but in two completely different ways. Saturday was spent here in San Francisco, mostly hanging around the apartment, but we ended up spontaneously going to an afternoon performance at the SF Ballet.  We have a neighborfriend (my new word) who works for the SF Opera and he sometimes gets comp tickets to performances.  Since he was unable to go that afternoon, he passed them along to us! 

There were three ballets (Ghosts, 7 for Eight, and Chroma) about a half-hour long, with intermissions in between. They were all amazing, but Chroma was my favorite.  Really modern and minimalistic, and set to the White Stripes music.  I was so entranced that it flew by and I was a little stunned when I realized it was over.

While I tremendously enjoyed the ballet, I also could not stop staring at the beautifully intricate decor.  I took lots of photos but since I was balancing my champagne as well, there were only a few that I really feel are worth sharing.

After the ballet I left for Robbins to visit my friend Jamellh and my grandparents. While some of you may know where Robbins is (or even been so lucky as to have lived there) if you don’t know, its here, in the heart of the Sutter Basin, about a half hour or so away from Sacramento. It’s farm country, a little less than two hours from San Francisco, but its such a difference. One I definitely enjoy every now and then, since I grew up there.

I love the way the fields seem to go on forever and how neatly they are plowed.

Baby sheep! 

And kids! Most people in the city have dogs instead. 🙂 (This little monkey said he was pretending to be sleeping, haha!)


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