Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, etc: Pre-wedding

After Southampton I took the train back to London and stayed with the gracious Sutcliffe family (realitves of one of my coworkers at The Salvation Army, thank you Claire!). They were so nice to let me spend Easter Sunday with them! We had a delicious BBQ’D lamb dinner and had the most fabulous cheese for dessert.
Before that though, they took me on a walking tour around Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Parliament buildings. It’s impressive just to be in the area, but what always strikes me is the amazing detail of the architecture. I could take a million pictures of every little detail of these buildings. Anyway, as expected the area was very busy; preparations for the royal wedding were in full swing, and many tourists (including myself) were snapping pictures of it all. 
Pics below are of as follows:
1. The road leading down to Buckingham Palace which is closed to traffic on the weekends. Sorry the light wasn’t very good in this direction.
2. The front gates of Buckingham.
3. View of the balcony where Will and Kate will have their “first kiss”. The security guy you see in the pic is not one of the normal guards. They had a lot of added security in addition to the usual ones.
4. Media area that they have set up for the wedding. Usually the public would be able to go onto this area.
5. US media crew. I believe they were from NBC and this shot was just after she had got done filming her segment. I thought about running behind her so I could get on camera but I hadn’t had enough beers yet (Rosy ; )  )  Anyway, so she had been talking about the hectic last minute preparations…whatever…
6. St. James park around the palace.
7. Wedding flare already in place along the route to Westminster Abbey.
8. Westminster Abbey
9. Parliament building
10. Big Ben with the London eye in the background.
11. Gates to Clarence House where Will & Kate will take residence.

P.s. sorry I did not get myself into any of these photos this time around. And also yes, it is such fantastic weather I have a hard time believing I am actually in England. Apparently its the hottest April in England in 100 years. Fact.


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One response to “Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, etc: Pre-wedding

  1. Lucky you with the warm weather! First time to England when I was little, I couldn’t wait to see Big Ben. I think I was expecting something more spectacular??? That’s an 8 year old for you. lol

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