On Monday, April 25th, I took the train out of London from Paddington Station to Gloucester to visit my Uncle David & Aunt Pet, cousin Maxine and her family Robert, Kirsty, & Emily ( I was in Maxine & Robert’s wedding when I was 9), and cousin Tracey and her family Dave, Sam and Victoria. It was really great to see everyone since I haven’t seen them for anywhere from 7 to 20 years ago! It was a quick but lovely visit!
Pics below :

Paddington Station


On Tuesday morning I went with my Aunt Pet and Uncle David for a walk around the center of Gloucester. We checked out the Gloucester cathedral which is about 1000 years old.  It used to be a monastary waaaay back in the day, and when King Henry VIII demolished them in the mid-1500’s, only a few survived.  This one did, and became a cathedral, because Kind Edward II is buried here. (Sorry about the quality of some of my pics).
imageThis is really such beautifully detailed stonework.  Another claim to fame of this cathedral is that parts from the Harry Potter movies (Hogwarts) were filmed here.
imageThe gray rectangles on the ground are tombs.
imageKing Edward II – He was murdered by his wife and her lover.
imageRobert of Normandy
imageBad shot of the beautiful detail in the ceiling.
imageOur guide getting all excited about taking us into the crypt.
imageThe crypt!
imageThe view from Maxine and Robert’s house in the Forest of Dean.  Beautiful!
imagePic that my 12 y.o. cousin Sam made of me.  Totally freehand and done in about 10 mins.  He’s going to be famous.
imageView from the train of the grape seed fields in the countryside.
imagePretty, random town from the train.

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