I always make jokes about Holland being my “homeland”. ie: “When I am in my homeland this will happen …” or “I will only have a drink from my homeland…”.  But seriously, coming here makes me feel that way sometimes because they are all tall, and kind wierd but awesome at the same time (don’t quote me on that), but also because this is how it went for me at customs when I flew in…

Customs officer:  (Looks at my passport)  “Van Ruiten” (said like van Rooouuutteeen) “Means from two windows.”

Me: Yep.

C.O.: You are dutch?

Me: My great grandparents were.

C.O.: Dutch blood is good! 


None of the usual, where you staying, how long you hear for, what do you do for work. Quickest. customs. ever.

Here are some pics:

Train platform to Amsterdam from the airport.

imageHello Amsterdam, upon my arrival at the Centraal Station
imageWTF.  Why is my supposed bunk (top bunk) at my dingy ass hostel taken? This is a long story which I will share another time…but seriously look at this room!
imageThe stairs leading from the front door of the hostel to the reception…pretty typical in Amsterdam.
imageI had to go out for a nice meal after my arrival at my hostel. Had an amazing tomato and basil soup, this goat cheese salad, and THREE glasses of wine, so I could pass out quickly and not think about the bed bugs in my bed…yes I have bite…although the jury is still out on whether they are misquitos or not.
imageMuseumplein getting ready for Queensday.
imageTraditional Dutch Croquettes
imageFaire set up by Dam Square.
imageThe redlight
imageBy a canal in the redlightimageAnother delicious meal.  Warm brie on toast with salad a truffel oil.
imageMore set up on Museumplein for Queensday

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