Queensday in Holland is the celebration of the Queen’s birthday, although the current queen’s birthday is actually in January, but of course April is a better time to celebrate it since the weather is so much better.  Plus apparently the incoming king’s (William Alexander) birthday is at the end of March, so it will still make sense.  At least that is what I was told. So the partying starts Friday after work, and goes all thru the night and into the whole next day.

I thought I was prepared for Queensday in Holland.  I had my oranje dress…a must…I was ready to party…I made some friends to hang out with…but seriously, this day in Amsterdam was more than I had prepared myself for.  I shouldn’t be surprised really.  For those of you that know how Bay 2 Breakers is in San Francisco…well its like that, but 100 times crazier.  The whole city is shut down.  People are partying everywhere.  Every “plein” has a DJ or something going on.  I had to literally push a dutchgirl out of the way cause she tried to steal my porta porty turn.  Those dutchgirls can be aggressive I tell you!  But so much fun! 

View from my hostel balcony (if you can call it that) about 10:30am Saturday morning.  There is a free market on this day too, so everyone is out selling…pretty much everything and anything.

imageAt the museumplein.  The radio station 538 put on a huge concert/party.
imageRacoon – A popular dutch artist
imageDutch X Factor contestants (like American Idol)
imageEven the canals party.
imageRandom dudes with wigs, but I love it!
imageMe and this guy in the best getup ever!  Can’t see my oranje dress because I am hiding my bites with this sweater, but I did have oranje rocking I swear!  And later I didn’t care and took it off anyway….
imageThe queen flying over in her helicopter.
imageI did the limbo with these people…obviously that’s not me though…
imagePublic urnials.  Wierd but a good idea?
imageWhat happens when you don’t use them.
imageThe aftermath.  Queensday also means you get to throw your trash wherever you please.  It was really quite disgusting at the end of the day.

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One response to “Queensday

  1. Seriously, before I even read the caption I KNEW that you had done the limbo, that is totally a LeeLee move. Love it.

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