Monday’s Inner Peace:Keukenhof, Holland

I have wanted to be in Holland in the spring time FOREVER, to be able to see the tulips in bloom. And because they had an early spring, a lot of the fields had already been cut.  But!  That was ok, because I still got to see some of them in bloom, and I went to the Keukenhof with my relatives, Marianne & Jan.  The Keukenhof (which means Kitchen Garden, as it used to be the herb garden for a large estate there) is an open air flower exhibition.  It’s open for about 2 months out of the year, from end of March to the end of May.

image Such a crappy pic of me, but Marianne wanted me to take a picture of this “maid” character.  I’m glad I did though.  🙂
imageSo peaceful and lush!
imageHaha!  Another winning picture! See what you get when you ask for pics of me! This organ was playing songs like, Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York.  It’s amazing that I actually got a picture with no one else in it, because it was really popular.
imageNow for all the flower pics…I have SO many, it was really gorgeous, I couldn’t stop.
imageTree Hugger!
imageWindmill where you can go up and look out over the fields of tulips.
imageMy view from up top.  See how they have already pretty much been cut. 
imageDid you know that tulips have a sort of christening ceremony when they are named? I didn’t, but it’s a big deal in terms of who gets to name them.  This variety is named after the future king of the Netherlands.
imageGet out of my picture lady!
imageI liked the wild, free-spirited ones too!
imageSee the darker ones below that are sort of laying over.  Those were called Lady of the Night.  I really liked them, mostly for their color, but also maybe a little because of their name.  Anyway, almost all of them around the Keukenhof were laying over like this.  Marianne explained that there was something wrong with the breeding and that’s why they were doing it. I think the lady of the night was just a little too tired during the day and needed a rest. (Yea, I’m a dork.)
imageAgain, total dork…but really you’d do it too…
imageWhat are you looking at, Swan?
imageSeriously, how magical is this place!

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4 responses to “Monday’s Inner Peace:Keukenhof, Holland

  1. Please make that picture of you in the Klompen your profile picture in every social media forum you use. Please.

  2. I share the obsession with Tulips, I love them! And when I’m with them I can’t stop taking pictures of them! Totally gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

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