Den Haag: A quickie but a goodie.

I needed a break after Amsterdam! So I headed about an hour Southwest on the train to Den Haag, which is known as the City of Peace and Justice.  It’s the royal city where the queen lives, and the head of their government. It was on my list of places to go for a few reasons.  First, because it’s possible that I could do an internship here when I am in law school. Second, because I wanted to see Johannes Vermeer’s painting, Girl with the Pearl Earring, which is in the Mauritshuis here, and lastly, to see the Vredespaleis (Peace Palace).  Mission accomplished!

My walk along the canal to the Mauritshuis.

Square by the Mauritshuis.
imageCanal on the backside of the Mauritshuis.  It was so nice and warm, and awesome just to sit for a minute.  I did A LOT of walking here.
For Queensday, Den Haag sets up a carnival that lasts for about a week or so.  It’s kind of randomly placed in the city, but really charming.
imageCarnival Casino. Fun for big kids.
imageI really wanted to go on this ride because it was a haunted house and I love those, and also because it was really well done…at least on the outside.
imageOkay.  I saw this when I was in Brighton too, and really think it is the strangest thing. You put your kids inside a plastic bubble floating on water and let them try to get at each other.  Hilarious to watch!
imagePeace Palace – You can reserve a tour here, but when there are any judicial hearings going on they don’t offer them.  Too bad for me, there are hearings all week.  😦
imageTo me, the peace flame was pretty touching in person.  I actually got goosebumps thinking about it.
imageI don’t know why, but I found it a little humorous that the United States’s rock was a huge white rock.  The biggest out of all of them.  That’s just my sick sense of humor, but seriously, some of the other countries had decorated their rock really nicely (none of the ones in this pic though).

Now off to Belgium!

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One response to “Den Haag: A quickie but a goodie.

  1. Please bring me some Belgium chocolate when we meet up in Italy!

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