The Silly Tourist

I HAVE tried to not be TOO much of a tourist (silly or otherwise), although I do take pictures of everything (like 3-legged men painted on asphalt), and many times visit touristy spots, but, I mean, I try to make smart decisions and avoid tourist traps. But one day in Barcelona I seemed to just give in. I took a walking tour for almost three hours with a guide…I have not done anything guided yet…not really truly guided…but then the worst is that I sat at an expensive sidewalk cafe on La Rambla, with a huge 12 euro glass of Sangria (do you know how much that is in American dollars) and a stupidly expensive margarita pizza. The place was so over-priced, and many smarter people got up and walked away when they saw the prices. I don’t know why I stayed exactly, because I thought of leaving before I ordered. To make matters worse, there was this creepy yellow statue who seemed to be staring at me the whole time (of course he wasn’t though). I have just been adverse to human street statues since I was young. So as I sat there and wondered why I wasn’t at the beach as I had planned (I already had my swimsuit on), with some food from the local market that was close by, I just had to get over it. I laughed at the funny guy behind me that couldn’t stop talking about himself to his other three friends and who used phrases like, “I’m a comin”, and watched the people on the sidewalk laugh heartily at the yellow statue man, he WAS a funny little man, and drank my damn 12 euro glass of Sangria while thinking about how very soon while I would go back to my slightly dingey hostel and cheap travel stilo. It, of course, could be a lot worse.


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3 responses to “The Silly Tourist

  1. You gotta go to Sitges….below Barcelona. It’s where all the poor college kids go for holiday.

  2. To be honest it is a really huge glass of sangria…but the human statue is tres creepo!!

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