Elisa Pisa

When I was in grade school kids would try to rhyme my name with something to be sort of mean. The best they could come up with was Elisa Pizza and Elisa Pisa. Obviously I was never really offended since those are pretty lame insults. But these days it kind of suits me being in Italy. I eat a lot of pizza and my first stop after Barcelona was Pisa. It was a quick stop as I was there for less than 24 hours, just on my way up to the Cinque Terre trail, so I just walked into town to look at the tower, took a nap on the grass around it, and then had an delicious pasta dish for dinner. Early the next morning I was off to the Cinque Terre…stay tuned.

1. The Tower of Pisa
2. Getting ready for nap
3. Clam and black penne pasta with asparagus…I think the best clams I have ever had.


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3 responses to “Elisa Pisa

  1. It looks beautiful over there – I wish I were eating with you! Isn’t the food just fabulous? Take lots of pictures in Italy and tell us all about it – remember, you’re traveling for a bunch of us armchair travelers!

  2. Ahhh last time we were there Dave had diarrhea really bad. Did you know there’s a huge hospital complex on the stree down from the tourist attractions? We were on our way to Elba. That was a fun place.

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