Rome: Part II

More pics:

View from the Spanish steps…apparently I didn’t take one on my phone of actually looking at the steps…will have to wait for camera pics! imageRome landscape from just above the Spanish Steps
imageOn bike ride around Villa Borghese, I liked the lion statues since I’m a Leo.
imageGalleria Borghese
imageThe lake in Villa Borghese
imageMe and my mama
imageOf course I would like something like this, right? Vandalism and all.
imageWe were being watched while at the cafe at Casino del Lago
imageView of Rome from Villa Borghese
imageMe and my rented bike, it was nice to finally ride again.  I miss not doing it everyday like at home.
imageWalk along the Tiber river
imageFountain in Pizza Navona
imagePiazza Navona
imageWhere you need to go eat…
imageSo yum!

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3 responses to “Rome: Part II

  1. Elisa – check out the McDonalds near the Spanish Steps – my girlfriend says they have an AMAZING buffet of Italian food that goes on and on… She said that it was quite wonderful!!

  2. As a kid I always wanted to leave 3 coins in the fountain. I did it in my post college trip. But yuck, the fountain water was gross. I’m so glad they’ve cleaned it up.

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