Rome Part III: The Vatican

Let me preface by saying that I feel like I could really put my foot in my mouth with this post. Mostly because I am not as religious as I was brought up to be (sorry Mom), and I can be a little cynical about it at times. I am not singling out Catholicism, but I think being raised Catholic I have more knowledge and therefore more of an opinion than I do about other religions. However, I HAD to see the Sistine Chapel and you have to go to the Vatican for that. Really, no matter what you believe you have to see the Vatican. The amount of wealth, power, history and art that is there is overwhelming.

Crooked (sorry! I suck!) photo looking out from the balcony at St. Peter’s Basillica

imageVatican Dress Code
imageVatican Guard
imageSt. Peter’s Basillica…with random head…
imageInside St. Peter’s
imageThe Vatican has a massive amount of art and sculpture from all different periods. Apparently, they also took some of the marble from the Colosuem for building purposes.imageCopper pinecone that used to be on top of the Pantheon
imageInside the Vatican Museum, which is comprised of different halls and artwork.

imageRandom Statue I liked

imageI think it was the eyes on this one that really did it for me.
imageCan you imagine how big the rest of the sculpture would have been?!
imageEven the floor is really beautiful.
imageThis ceiling looks like it is done in relief, but is really just painted to look that way. It was really amazing.
imageThe Map Hall, my most favorite hall.

imageAnother beautiful ceiling
imageCan you find Sylvester Stalone in this photo…our tour guide actually pointed it out.
imageSorry, no photos in the Sistine Chapel, but again, I couldn’t capture it’s beauty anyway.


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One response to “Rome Part III: The Vatican

  1. You made me laugh, I feel like that’s how lots of those conversations go…”Sorry, Mom!!”… Love you Lee!

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