Siena Market and Tuscan Wine School

There were two things my mom and I did in Siena that was the highlight of my time in Tuscany.
1. The market at the fortress. You can buy almost anything here, from cleaning supplies, to underwear (aka:pants), to motorcycle helmets. My mom and I definitely shopped a bit and if I hadn’t still be traveling for over a month I would have really boosted their revenue that day.

2. Tuscan Wine class at The Tuscan Wine school. This is a super informative and fun class. I can’t recommend it highly enough if you are ever in Siena. The woman who taught it, Maria Louisa, has a family vineyard in San Gimignano. She was extremely knowledgeable and tailored the class to everyone’s level of current education in Tuscan Wine. Mine = 0, so everything she said was interesting. The class was not only about wine but about the Tuscan culture surrounding it. We started with an Apertif, Prosecco (hello, you know I love anything bubbly), and then a white wine, then a few reds. During this class I “found my grape” as my mom said. I love Sangiovese wine, specifically Brunello. It is made with 100% Sangiovese grapes. I also like the Rosso which is also 100% but not aged as long. Then there are the Super Tuscan wines that are a mix of Sangiovese and another type, ie: merlot or cabernet, but its totally up to the wine maker.  We also had Tuscan Balsamic Vinegar…which I would eat on everything and anything, and really fresh Olive Oil. The class ended with Vin Santo, which is a traditional dessert in Tuscany. I might post an update to this when I find my notes at a later time.

1. The Market at the Fortress

imageHello! Full bar!
image2. Tuscan Wine School.  Look how studious I am with my notes.
imageOur lovely, if not a little blurry, instructor.

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One response to “Siena Market and Tuscan Wine School

  1. The Tuscan Wine School WAS fun! Next time its a visit to Maria Louisa’s vineyard!! I see my table cloth hanging in one of the pictures. It’s actually on my table now!

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