The Silly Tourist: Part Two

So, last time I was silly for spending too much money and being completely aware that I was doing it.
This time I am silly for not being more prepared, and, again, being totally aware that I should have been.

I have been in Sarajevo for the past three days, and got on the train for Budapest this morning at 6:45 am. From my previous and pretty miserable bus ride from Split to Sarajevo I knew it would be long and hot. Plus, in general I know that Eastern Europe‘s transportation is not as good as Western Europe’s (and I am not dissing eastern Europe at all, I am actually surprisingly enamored by it, but that is besides the point). The point is, I should have prepared better with food and drink.

When I arrived at the train station I had about half a liter of water and four rice cakes ( rice cakes! WTF). AND I walked right past a convenience store and thought, ‘you should go in there and buy more snacks‘, and then I kept on walking because I couldn’t be bothered (6:30 am is apparently too early for me to make logical decisions).
Well, nine hour later, after being on a train for three hours, then transferred by a bus over the Bosnia-Croatia boarder due to a railway strike, then being put back on a single car train in Croatia, and finally crossing over the boarder into Hungary, I found myself out of rice cakes, water, and even the little waffer cookies I found in my backpack. I was starting to get anxious and grumpy (as I get when I don’t eat and my bloodsugar drops).

At this point I had at least three more hours to go. For a while it was just me and four other Americans, who were all confused about what was going on. We were stuck on the train at Pecs station in Hungary for an hour at least while they shuffled us around and attached us to another train. After that was done and another half hour had passed, a railway employee walked by and I asked him what time we were departing. When he said another half hour, I asked if we could get off the train. He said, No! And walked away.
Luckily, one of the American‘s was a really nice woman  and teacher at the American University in Sarajevo and she saw I was starting to lose it and gave me peanuts and cookies.  We eventually decided to get off the train anyway for coffee and water which made my day. Again, she was so nice and lent me some of the local currency since I had not been to an ATM yet and only had Euros and Bosnia currency. I paid her back in Euro’s.
So the moral of my story is, listen to your inner voice and buy the damn food in the first place and/or rent a car when traveling in Eastern Europe.

Being pushed toward the car in front of us.

imageIn Pecs…not going anywhere…
imageMister Railway after shutting me down.
imageAppreciating the simple things in life. But I really hate that damn clock in the background.

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