Tuscan Wine Country

One of the days that we were in Siena, my mom and I took a Wine Tasting Tour. This was supposed  to consist of about three winery visits and tastings. Instead, it was one winery tour and tasting, a visit to an Abbey, and 30 minutes to walk around Montelchino. I was a little disappointed. I mean, living in San Francisco and being so close to the Napa wine country, I am pretty familiar with how a wine tasting tour should go. It was actually pretty hilarious, because as we were driving along in the bus the guide would say, now on our right is the most famous Brunello winery in Tuscany…and we‘d drive right past. Oh! and here on the left is the winery where they play Mozart to the vines…zoom!  No stopping! I was like, Well let’s go there! So needless to say, I am going to research tours a little more before picking one next time, although this one was definitely not as advertised.

On the brightside, it was a drive with gorgeous views and the winery tour at the Vitanza winery was really cool, plus I bought a bottle of Brunello.

Now for the pics…

Views on the drive…

imagePulling up to the Vitanza winery on our bus.
imageOn the winery tour. Each of these tanks hold a certain variety of the Sangiovese  grape.
imageBarrels for aging.
imageWhere they bottle the wine.
imageThe niece of the winery owners who gave us the tour.
imageMy bottle of Brunello overlooking its home.
imageMe, wondering where I can get more wine…

imageThe Sant‘ Antimo Abbey
imageUnderground alter in the Abbey
imageOlive Tree
imageSince I couldn’t have more wine, I had Brunello Gelato!
imageView on our way back to Siena

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