I feel like I rave about every place I go to (except Naples), and it is true that they have all been awesome places to visit, especially in such succession. But there are a few places where I have really left a little peice of my heart behind: San Sebastian, Rome and Sarajevo (not in any particular order).
So, Sarajevo. Initially intriguing because of the 90’s siege that I kind of remember from my childhood, but inherently lovable for its diversity, culture and strength. And, probably the strangest part of all…I love the food! On the train to Hungary, after Sarajevo, the Americans I was stuck on the train with (see my post, The Silly Tourist: Part II) were saying how they couldn’t stand it, its awful, etc. Even if I’m in the minority, I disagree. Even the weird “hamburger” that I had late one night after going out I liked. And all these reasons and more is why Sarajevo is in my top three.

The pics:

My first night in town, just off the long, hot bus ride, when all I was dreaming of was a good night sleep, I was pretty much cajoled into going out to a traditional Bonsnia club, then salsa dancing afterwards (salsa pics are on my other camera).  I protested a lot at the beginning, but then I just went with it and, of course, I was so happy I did. You can sleep when you`re dead! Here are the dark and hazy (everyone smokes here, everywhere) pics of this awsome movie theater turned club. Hopefully you can make out the band on the stage.

imageNow the food:

The 2am “hamburger”. It was a thin white meat patty, with mayo, hot red pepper flakes, and a giant bun.  Who loved it? I did.
imageI am not going to know what any of the following dishes are called…but they were delish!
imageThis one is my most favorite EVER! Onions filled with meat…I think some veal, which I do not usually eat, but I wasnt going to be picky…there were potatos, zucchini and more meat all in this delicious broth with a sort of sour cream white sauce. I want it right now!
imageThis is really not a flattering picture of this sandwich. I should have wrote down the name (so fired!) but you can order it with 5, 10, or 15 meat sticks. Sometimes it comes with onion and that white sour cream sauce too.
imageThe Sarajevan beer
imageSince I was pretty naive to the reasons behind the Serbian/Bosnian conflict in the 90’s I spent a lot of my time learning about it and visiting historical spots. This one is where Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot, which was the catalyst to the start of WWI.
imageRight across the street from that spot is Miljacka river.
imageIn my continuing education of the 90s seige, I took a Tunnel Tour. Which is a must if you go to Sarajevo. Here the guide (who was 5 when the war started!) was explaining how the war started, and how crucial the tunnel was to the Sarajevans in holding their ground. For more info go here.
imageThe house that was the entrance to the tunnel. See how it still retains evidnce of shelling and gunfire.
imageIn the tunnel!!
imageThe backyard where the tunnel kept running through until it got to the…
image…airport, which was neutral territory.
imageThe mountians in the distance that was free territory, and over which they brought the supplies.
imageSurrounding houses that were also shelled. Sometimesthey would have to move the entrance to the tunnel as the Serbs found out where they where gaining access.
imageA shell they have left in the floor to remind us of those that died.
imageSniper Alley.
imageThe Holiday Inn along Sniper Alley where AP Journalist stayed, this was supposed to be neutral territor and the Serbs could not fire on it.
imageThe newspaper tower, the new one.  The old one was destroyed in the conflict.
imageA building along Sniper Alley that is still in the state it was during the seige. There are not many of these left.
imageThe Sarajevo History Museum. Another must go to place.  It tells ALL about the conflict, with heartbreaking pictures and the building is still very much the way it was. There are still shell marks in the floor in the museum, and as you can see on the outside.
imageIn the courtyard. The stars on the building cover the shelling marks.
imageMonument outside the museum.
imageOk! Enough war stuff!  Sarajevo is more than that!  They really have an outdoor cafe culture, so here are some pics from my walks around.
imageThis is part of the old town area.
imagePigeon square.
imageThere is also a lot of religious freedom in Sarajevo. So you will see a church, synagoge, and mosque all along the same street.  I found the prayer calls throught the day very beautiful.

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