San Sebastian: Part 2 and Bilbao, Spain

After meeting Brian in Barcelona, we headed the next morning on the train for San Sebastian because I didn’t get enough of it when I was there the first time in May. 

Overlooking Playa de la Concha
Just arrived on the train to a beautiful day.imageOn the beach. They had put up these chairs to be rented since I was last there. I think it was nicer without them, and no one was using them yet.
imageThe only downer was that I left my leather jacket that I’ve had for years on the train from Barcelona. I realized it that night as we were getting ready to go out. This is me drowing my sorrows, seriously, I am still a little sad I lost that jacket.
imageBut I couldn’t be upset too long and, of course, being with Brian we found a bar that played good metal music, complete with an awesome bartender who totally looked the part.
imageAnd you can’t be upset in a place where they build sand art, can you?
imageOr where you can have Calimochos (red wine and coca cola)?
imageOr eat Pinxtos (Basque Tapas)?
imageAlmost all the restaurants and bars have lavish spreads on their counters, but you can also order individually as well, which I prefer to do…
imageKangaroo Skewer
imageMushroom risotto
imageBeef cheek.  I also  had some of the BEST scallops that apparently neglected to appear on my camera.
imageUnfortunately, we had a rainy day when we were there, and although we were really craving more beach time, we sucked it up and went to Bilbao. Which, fortunately, is only an hour bus ride away from San Sebastian and is home to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
imageThe Guggenheim, designed by Frank Gehry. Fantastic in every way…
imageexcept for…
imageTHIS GUY! I  hate spiders. With a passion.
imageThis is as close as I would get. Could not walk under it. There were even eggs in the belly.
imageI much prefer this cute flower dog that was out front.
imageOr these tulips
imageOr just this…  🙂

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