The Golden Coast

After 8 flights, 18 train rides, 2 night trains, 3 ferries, 1 night ferry, 4 buses, 1 car rental and a total of 11 countries in about 68 days, I arrived this afternoon in San Francisco. The happiness I felt in my heart when I saw the bay through the airplane window surprised me, since I had felt so melancholy earlier about leaving, and I actually smiled when the plane touched down. It does feel good to be home…until next time.

I am so grateful to all the new friends and family I met along the way for the fun times and impact they’ve made in my life, and for my friends and family at home who were with me in spirit and through this blog. With your comments, emails and phone calls I have realized, more than ever, how fortunate I am!

Coming soon: Berlin and other stories of my trip I have yet to tell.

Oh and here’s a pic of wiggle worm Ruby who would not leave my lap the entire ride home. I think she might never leave my side again…fine by me.


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3 responses to “The Golden Coast

  1. Love the look on Ruby’s face. It’s pure love and excitement with being reunited with you again. Wonder what she was thinking the whole time you were gone? Welcome Home Elisa!!!

  2. Welcome home. It really makes you appreciate the good ole USAThe freedoms we have. The resources we have. Just even going to Safeway to see all the we have that others could only imagine. We really enjoyed your blogs.

  3. Welcome home, Lovie!! So excited to have you back safe and sound and can’t wait to be regaled with stories of abroad. See you next week! xoxo

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