Monday’s Inner Peace – The Light Fantastic

Light – the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

This is one definition for the word. As I go through the pictures from my trip I notice the light in my photos, literally and metaphorically. Here are some of my favorites.

Beautiful Brugge, BelgiumLight playing at the Louvre, Paris
 San Sebastian, Spain Sunset at Ponte Vecchio, Florence, ItalyThe Pantheon Dome, Rome, ItalyLight inside a church in Lisbon, PortugalRome, Italy at night via taxi.
Chalk heart drawn between two windows out my 3rd floor hotel window, Rome, Italy. Simultaneously baffling and inspiring.Trevi Fountain, Rome, ItalyInside Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, SpainTV tower in East Berlin, Germany. Built by the GDR as a symbol of their power, it was meant to be a non-religious symbol. It really pissed them off when the sun hit the sphere, causing a cross to appear. Oh, irony!
Alternate view at sunset, Berlin, Germany


One response to “Monday’s Inner Peace – The Light Fantastic

  1. I love the light hitting that building in San Sebastian!

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