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Monday’s Inner Peace – Bike Thief Edition

I am trying to be positive today after my beautiful bike was stolen yesterday. I think about the fact that no one was hurt. I mean, it would have been worse if I had been in a bike accident, right? There are just so many worse things that can and do happen in life, but I am still moping a bit.

So it was hard for me to think of anything for inner peace today. So, I turned once again to my brother, Nick, who gave me this awesome song by Metronomy, called The Look*.  It is bright and happy just like he said it would be!

*Cause seriously, if I see anyone on my bike today they are going to get THE LOOK. In my world right now, the is NO due process. Everyone is guilty! 😀


Market Street 1906

I’m getting ready to go and put a new tube in my bike tire. I’ve missed my bike this last month and am really over riding Muni.

My commute is going to be a little different though. Since I started school in the last month I’m hanging out in downtown SF a lot more, and I’m now going to be riding down Market Street every day (which I really didn’t do so much before although lots of people do).

So, when one of my Professors told our class about this video I had to check it out. It’s interesting for lots of reasons besides the fact that it’s my new main route, like the fact that everyone seems to think that they have the right-of-way.

Monday’s Inner Peace – Back to School 5.0

So, I survived last week, my first week of law school. While there is a lot of studying to be done it helps that I actually like what I am learning. Man, going back to school for something you really like totally makes a difference.

Still, it’s a hard transition from having the summer off, and I feel for all the kids going back to school this week…or next. In the spirit of irony, here’s this Monday’s Inner Peace. 🙂

Balancing Act

I have been a little MIA again on the blogosphere and here’s why:

My 5 year relationship ended. Breakups are tough, no matter what side your on. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I moved into a new apartment. Have I ever said how rad my friends Rosy and Percy are (they’re my new landlords)!
Of course, no move would be complete without a trip to Ikea and the subsequent assembly with wine drinking. Nicole totally saved my ass.

I’ve been in law school orientation last week and my first day of classes is bright and early this morning. I studied a lot already this past weekend.

I’ve been in Truckee working on the yard, hanging out with friends, and, sadly, cleaning out my room since I can’t afford to keep both places when I don’t have a real income (student loans don’t count).
Now this might not look like much to you, but it is AMAZING compared to what it looked like before. I wish I had thought to take a before photo. But, see that newly planted crab apple tree in the left hand corner…major thanks goes Edy, who showed up with it and told me to dig a hole! I’m also excited to see what pops up in the backyard next year from all the clippings she gave us!

It wasn’t all work and no play though. While I was in Truckee I saw Girl Talk at the  Wanderlust festival at Squaw Valley. Here’s a sample.

Oh yea, and I laid around Donner Lake.

Not to mention I am turning 30 on Wednesday! My girls better be putting their dancing shoes on! Holla!

So even though I plan on being a complete nerd, up to my eyeballs in cases and whatnot, I am still going to be blogging. I just needed some time to have a minor quarter-ish-life crisis, regroup and get my head back on straight. Stay tuned!