Market Street 1906

I’m getting ready to go and put a new tube in my bike tire. I’ve missed my bike this last month and am really over riding Muni.

My commute is going to be a little different though. Since I started school in the last month I’m hanging out in downtown SF a lot more, and I’m now going to be riding down Market Street every day (which I really didn’t do so much before although lots of people do).

So, when one of my Professors told our class about this video I had to check it out. It’s interesting for lots of reasons besides the fact that it’s my new main route, like the fact that everyone seems to think that they have the right-of-way.


2 responses to “Market Street 1906

  1. What a great look at the city and market street prior to the earthquake. I thought that was the ferry building at the end. It WAS amazing that there weren’t any collisions, especially with how everyone seemed to be looking at the camera!

  2. I like your course. A few years ago I did mini google research to find out what traffic laws were like in the beginning. This video proves there weren’t any, just like how Ernest is when Mike vacuums and I’m set in bed, writing in your blog. E gets freaked out by monster vac, jumps over my chest in a furry and settles next to me like it was no big deal that I am now injured from him. Do you have any cat injury lawyers? Ernest will need one.

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