Monday’s Inner Peace – Bike Thief Edition

I am trying to be positive today after my beautiful bike was stolen yesterday. I think about the fact that no one was hurt. I mean, it would have been worse if I had been in a bike accident, right? There are just so many worse things that can and do happen in life, but I am still moping a bit.

So it was hard for me to think of anything for inner peace today. So, I turned once again to my brother, Nick, who gave me this awesome song by Metronomy, called The Look*. Β It is bright and happy just like he said it would be!

*Cause seriously, if I see anyone on my bike today they are going to get THE LOOK. In my world right now, the is NO due process. Everyone is guilty! πŸ˜€

3 responses to “Monday’s Inner Peace – Bike Thief Edition

  1. Love the bumper cars scene. I think the scumbag that stole your bike will probably get more than THE LOOK from you. πŸ™‚ Don’t mess with a redhead in law school!!

  2. Oh My LeeLee! I am so sorry your beautiful bike was stolen, bad things happen when we leave CA…

  3. The world can be so cruel to clay-pigeons.

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