Ruby wants her DogTV

Last semester, my first semester of law school, I went through a period of being racked with guilt about leaving my dog, Ruby, home alone all day.

It’s not like she leads a hard life. I mean, she has food, water, and toys.  She is allowed to go pretty much anywhere, and lay on whatever she wants because she’s the best dog in the world and doesn’t destroy anything, and she is 99% house trained (the 1% is when she has the infrequent accident, or decides she needs to mark where another dog has been). Oh, and she has a balcony to go out on if she chooses, but she doesn’t – she’s too scared for some reason.


So, to try to mitigate the stress this was causing me, I got one of my friends who works nearby to come and walk her on his lunch break 2-3 times a week.  And my mom suggested I leave Animal Planet on for her while I’m out of the apt. So I did! This was a huge improvement in our both our lives. I stopped feeling so guilty, and Ruby gets more stimulation and exercise during the day.

However, I did think leaving Animal Planet on was mostly for my benefit, but then one day I got a text around lunch from my friend and dog walker saying, “Ruby didn’t hear me come in today because she was sitting on the couch watching animal planet!”

I almost died! So cute!

Well, now…I want to go home this minute, because I just found out there is DOGTV! We are going to be checking this out immediately! 🙂

There’s relaxation:

And simulation:

P.S. I realize this might not be for every dog, but for a sophisticated lady like Ruby, it’s right up her alley.

*Photo’s by my cousin, Darby O’Neill.


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