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Happy Anniversary to Meeeeee!

Today is a special day for two reasons…

First, it’s my half-birthday! Whoo!


Second, it’s the one year anniversary of Depth in a Shot Glass!

And I’m still here!  Not posting as much as I would like, or as many times as I feel I have something to share. But I have really enjoyed the blogging experience in a way I thought I wouldn’t before I did it.

I wanted to do something special to do for my half-birthday/anniversary. I’ve decided to post a medley of some of my favorite things; some that I’ve  posted about before, and that I have wanted to post about but never got around to, and some things that I just like!

Favorite Song of 2011 (which I first posted about here)

Favorite (First Season) Portlandia Clip*
*Note: Sexual content

Favorite Cocktail in SF
Uptown Manhattan at Absinthe in Hayes Valley

Favorite Movie that makes me miss Europe…a lot

I also really enjoy the soundtrack as well.

Favorite Movie that reminds me of why I am in law school

Favorite Inspiration Ted Talk (Props to Courtney for turning me on to this) It’s what I am trying to feel more comfortable with in my life.

That’s all for today. But stay tuned…

Year 2 of Depth in a Shot Glass comin’ up!


The Dream of the 90’s

I love living in San Francisco and hope to get into a law school here, but I did apply to one out-of-state school: Lewis & Clark, in Portland, Oregon. Now it seems that everything Portland catches my attention.  There’s the song Portland, Oregon by Jack White and Loretta Lynn, and now PORTLANDIA!…the new show on IFC that’s written and starred by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. It pokes fun at Portland in the 90’s. There are so many things about this show that I love, I don’t even know where to start; the clothes, the music, the attitude, and hello, the guest stars!  Basically, although I was born in and love many things 80’s, I spent the bulk of my youth and all four years of high school in the 90’s, so needless to say, I’m hooked.

If you don’t get the IFC channel you can watch clips from the show for free on, which is what I did until I finally broke down and just bought the episodes from for $1.99.  I also always check CastTV to see if new episodes have been posted (with the hope that I won’t have to pay for them). To get you started I’ve posted my top three clips below! Enjoy!

Dream of the 90’s

This Bar Is Over

Ordering Chicken