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Happy Anniversary to Meeeeee!

Today is a special day for two reasons…

First, it’s my half-birthday! Whoo!


Second, it’s the one year anniversary of Depth in a Shot Glass!

And I’m still here!  Not posting as much as I would like, or as many times as I feel I have something to share. But I have really enjoyed the blogging experience in a way I thought I wouldn’t before I did it.

I wanted to do something special to do for my half-birthday/anniversary. I’ve decided to post a medley of some of my favorite things; some that I’ve  posted about before, and that I have wanted to post about but never got around to, and some things that I just like!

Favorite Song of 2011 (which I first posted about here)

Favorite (First Season) Portlandia Clip*
*Note: Sexual content

Favorite Cocktail in SF
Uptown Manhattan at Absinthe in Hayes Valley

Favorite Movie that makes me miss Europe…a lot

I also really enjoy the soundtrack as well.

Favorite Movie that reminds me of why I am in law school

Favorite Inspiration Ted Talk (Props to Courtney for turning me on to this) It’s what I am trying to feel more comfortable with in my life.

That’s all for today. But stay tuned…

Year 2 of Depth in a Shot Glass comin’ up!


Monday’s Inner Peace

I’m sticking with the 90’s nostalgia theme from yesterday, in all its cheesy goodness.  There’s even a unicorn!

Beat the Sunday Blues – A break

I’ve been a little quiet the last few days.  Lots going on but haven’t had time to post much. Today’s post is going to be my last Beat the Sunday Blues post for a while because this coming Friday is my last day of work,  and then the following Wednesday I am leaving on a jet plane.

I am not too “blue” this Sunday.  I had an amazing weekend hanging out with Brian and spontaneously going to the SF ballet. Then I went out to my hometown, Robbins, and visited one of my oldest best friends, Jamellh, my grandparents, and my Aunt Barbara and her family (more to come on the weekend later).

This Sunday’s post comes in the form of nostalgia. For me, it’s weirdly enough for the good ol’ days of high school.  Ok, I pretty much hated high school, but I love the 90’s as I have mentioned before, and high school was in the 90’s, so there are some things I have good memories of.  One of them is My-So-Called-Life.

An amazing (to me anyway) TV series that aired my freshman year…the WORST year of my high school experience. Jamellh and I were talking about it last night and my friend Shannon told me that it is on Netflix. I just watched an episode, and it’s just as good as it was then. So I recommend finding that thing that you always loved, even if its cheesy and some people don’t understand it. Give yourself a break and indulge yourself!

Oh, Jordan Catalono!

The style!