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Little things forgotten

I know, I know! It’s been AGES! I’ve composed many blog posts in this noggin of mine over the past 15 months, but none of them ever materialized here. The “My Blog” icon in my bookmark bar was guiltily avoided until I almost deleted it altogether. I thought maybe I was giving it up. But I’m glad I didn’t…

Today I woke up frustrated. To be totally honest, this feeling has been pestering me for a while now. Why, you may ask? (I know I did.) There is nothing bad happening in my life.  And aren’t I following my dreams? I’m on the cusp of finishing my L.L.M. I’ve a lovely new apartment with my Ruby dog and the man I love. I have amazing friends and family. Etc, etc. Of course, these things are not a recipe for life without frustration, but, nevertheless, for someone who spends as much time reading and writing about the tragedies and hardships of other people’s lives as I do, I know how GOOD I have it. 

In an effort to make myself feel better, I listened to some melancholy songs. I read some silly articles. I stared at my computer screen like it was a Monday. Then, I opened a word document and started writing.  And I realized that I had not written anything for myself in a long time. 

It’s ironic, really, because I have spent this whole year focused on doing things for myself. It’s over 10 years since I first started thinking about moving to Europe and going to school here, and I finally did it. However, putting yourself first and following through on dreams doesn’t always mean it’s smooth sailing. It’s actually been a long road to today. As things have begun to fall into place and ambitions are realized, my emotions relating to it all have been a bit lagging. It’s hard to be away from the friends and family I’ve grown up with, even though the people in my daily life in Belgium are amazing as well. It’s difficult for me to not be able to talk to my dad about all the changes, and I sometimes wonder what he would think about my decisions. It’s all a little bittersweet right now, and I think I’ve been beating myself a bit up for feeling this way. Finally, it’s just realizing that sometimes when I decide to do something, I just dive right in and then deal with the consequences (good and bad) later, which ends up with me not always remembering to do the little things that keep me happy and sane on a daily basis. 

Phew! SO! It’s New Year’s Eve! And it’s a little bit clichéd of course, but there’s no time like the present to get a fresh perspective. To do the little things that I always enjoy no matter where in the world I am. And to not just ride the wave of excitement of something new, but to live a little more mindfully and appreciate the new and the old together, with less frustration hopefully!  

That means I’m saying au revoir 2013. Bonjour 2014! Popping some champagne! And I’m back here on this blog, with my little antidotes, opinions, musings, pictures, songs, sometimes being cheesy, etc…

Happy New Year from Brussels!!!! 

ImageA festive Grand Place

ImagePlaisirs d’Hiver at St. Catherine, Brussels


Flemish Tales: “Time and Somebody Else”

“Time and Somebody Else”

I sat at a sidewalk cafe. When I walked up a woman was sitting at a table, staring at her iPhone and crying.  She wore a black dress and black leather boots that came just below the knee. (Not that this held an significance to what came next).

I sat at a table next to her but on the other side of the doorway. I ordered a large Leffe Blonde. My favorite beer.  (Not that this has any significance either).

I kept peeking at her out of the corner of my eye and pretended to be looking at something at my phone, even though I didn’t get any wifi.

After I had drunk half my beer, the teary woman, abruptly and loudly, called to the waitress standing inside the bar, “Excuse Me!”

It sounded urgent.

The waitress came.  The teary woman asked her for a place to buy clothes that were “for a woman”.  The waitress told her where to go.  The teary woman said that she was a tourist. That she liked the cafe, and was just in Brussels for one day before she would return to Moscow. She said that she was very upset because her boyfriend had just broken up with her. That although she had her dignity and a little bit of money there would be no one else like him in the world.

The waitress said not to think like that. That it would only cause anger.

The waitress said the only thing that will help is time.  Time and somebody else.

5 words I thought I’d never say…

My sister started a blog. 🙂

It’s called Looking Through Emerald Glasses, and it chronicles her experiences and discoveries as a budding environmental advocate.  She’s majoring in Sustainability at Sierra Nevada College, and of course, I think she should go into environmental law after. I mean, she’s already talking about the Kings Bench in her second blog post…check it out!

{Me and Sami in January}

Happy New Year! and Ponies!

For a lot of people I know, 2011 was a year that they were happy to put behind them. 2011 wasn’t bad to me, but it was filled with a lot of changes. I’m looking at 2012 with a very different perspective than I had going into 2011…in a good way. If it’s not going to be the end of the world, then I am ready to take on the world and all the challenges, fun, and whatever comes my way (no doubt a lot of studying).

After a fun New Years Eve out on the town, I nursed my hangover with friends at the horse races! It’s become a tradition over the last few years (when I’m in SF for  New Years) because the day after New Years – and every Sunday for that matter – is “dollar days” at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley.
 Dollar Day Tokens – Dollar Beers, Dollar Hot Dogs, Dollar Bets, Dollar Parking…why not go?
The ponies getting ready before the race.

Me, trying to remember how to place a bet!

My friend Percy trying to show me how to do it.

Alas! Even with the help I still accidentally placed a double bet. And I ALMOST won! (#4 came in 1st so I did win on the first ticket, but #2 came in 3rd! – Boo!)

I won a whopping 80 Cents! My friend Alissa was the lucky girl who got my winnings. You can see she was pleased. 🙂

*My bestie Rosy, decked out in her leather, and me in my fur and diamonds 😉 for the big race. Kentucky Derby here we come!

Happy New Year, good health, love, peace and friendship to all!

*I really don’t have crazy over grown eyebrows. It looks like it though – my bangs/the way the photo was taken must have made it look that way.

December’s Darling

I had every intention of going to bed early tonight. Finals have begun. Yesterday was Contracts, then two days off (“off” is deceiving – really you just study all day), then Civil Procedure, then two days off…you get the point. This goes on until December 8th.

But my plan got all messed up when I was out in the park with Ruby, and it was such a nice night we stayed longer than normal. Then we came back inside and the Christmas lights I hung early were looking so pretty, it made me feel festive.

So I started looking up my favorite Christmas songs, and made a new playlist. And now I’m now totally feeling December and all the holiday goodness it brings!

Not to mention that today I rediscovered the song Pachelbel Meets U2 by Jon Schmidt – which is so lovely, of course it made it into my playlist. An excellent way to kick off December if I do say so myself.


Back in March I posted about me, Florence & the Machine, and a bottle of wine (complete with slightly creepy pictures). I was a little behind in getting so into her album. But not his time…I don’t think. 🙂 I’m now pretty much listening to her new album, Ceremonials, on repeat.

Except this time, no bottle of wine. Just a good old law school memo to keep me occupied.

One of my fave songs so far:

Life on Mars

Yep. It’s been so long since I’ve posted that my blog forgot who I was. That’s because, like the majority of 1L’s, I don’t do much else besides study.

For me, the only place I can really be the most productive is in the library. I try studying at home, but then the next thing I know I’m pouring a glass of wine, flipping through TV shows, or insert “anything-more-fun-than-reading-about-Crim-Torts-CivPro-or-Contracts” here.

Last night, with half a bottle of wine on my side, I was finally inspired to start going through and editing the pics from my trip this spring/summer (that was my Saturday night. I am no longer going out on the weekends until after finals – see, I have all these new rules for myself now too). Needless to say, I’ve been putting it off. It may seem silly, but it’s been hard to look them because it was just the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken myself on and I really miss it.

Not that I can’t go again! Of course I will. I’m working on getting a international internship for next fall, but in the meantime I get really nostalgic when I look at them. Besides that, I hate editing and organizing photos. I find it so tedious. The reward though – when I get over the nostalgia – is remembering fleeting moments I snapped up and had forgotten about. They remind me that no matter how much I love law school (and truth be told, I do) and immerse myself in my studies, there is life outside the library, outside the confines of GGU, and that soon(ish) I will have a more balanced life again.

I’ve only gotten through my first two weeks of the trip (England and part of Holland), and I will eventually post all of them on a flickr stream, but for now, here are some of my faves.

{A date to remember}

{About London}

{Camden Lock Market}

{Big Ben & London Eye}

{Train to South Hampton}

{The old city wall of South Hampton}




{Queensday dinner with lovely Italians}

{View from the top – Keukenhof}