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I’m in the murky depths of final paper writing, which means I’m generally MIA and steadily approaching burnout. Only one week left!

While I’m a little stingey today with words, here’s some stuff that sparked my interest this week.


a new site for beauty shiznit

be nice to yourself!

two hours of classic 80’s love song’s (a SUPER mix if you’re into a bunch of awesome 80’s music. Includes, but not limited to: power ballads, Whitney, Celine, and Sinead, INXS…and a little bit of Phil)

A happiness parable (and my current approach to writing )

Some (slightly creepy) insight into the love life of Napoleon

Fact or Fiction in North Korea

New risqué film by Lars Von Trier  Warning: NSFW!


Word of the Day

I picked up my new Leatherman at REI today on my lunch break.  So naturally I was playing around with it when I got back to work.  This got us on the topic of weapons, even though the Leatherman is more of a tool. So today’s word of the day comes from Max…

Balisong! Otherwise know as a “ninja” butterfly knife.

And for your viewing enjoyment…a video demonstration, which we did watch all 6 minutes of because it was actually really entertaining.  But if you don’t have that much time, it’s pretty good up to about 2:45.  You have to see “The Quickie”!

Ahead of the Curve

Fact: Google is scary.  They pretty much know everything about us.  But at the same time they are always doing really futuristic stuff…stuff that makes sense, and you wonder why no one ever thought of it before.  Today’s example is Gmail Motion. Maybe if I had this, I wouldn’t have the back problems from sitting at my desk so much!

Crafty Wowza!

I’m having one of those weeks where I don’t have much to say, really.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t feel good at the beginning of the week.  And maybe now it’s because I am just so happy that it’s sunny and warm, that I can’t think of much else. I’ve been riding my bike to work again, and that too just makes my mind go blank!

Anyway, having a quiet mind is a good time to check out other peoples awesomeness… 

Someone MADE this out of a plain ol’ lamp and coke bottles.  Check it out here!  Now the question is…could I really replicate this at home? Maybe a project for when I get back from Europe?? Who wants to help?

WTF Email

I received the email below in my work email this morning.  I assume this is totally a joke. 


1. Heroin, in liquid and crystal form.
2. Rocket fuel and Tomohawk rockets (serious enquiries only).
4. New shipment of cocaine has arrived, buy 9 grams and get 10th for free.

Everyone is welcome, but not US citizens.

ATTENTION. Clearance offer. Buy 30 grams of heroin, get 5 free.

Prices upon reqeust:


PHONE 0093 (0) 20 #######

FAX 0093 (0) 70 #######